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Conferences for 2019-2020

Download any of these posters and make a provisional booking! Science and Psychology in Bristol (December 2) and London (December 3). Science and Psychology in Edinburgh (December 4). Wilson’s Criminology and Policing conference in London (February 3) and Manchester (February 4). Zimbardo conference (March 19, 20, 23, 24 or 25) in London. All information on the […]

Science and Psychology 2018

This is a truly motivational conference. ‘High impact, extremely educational event but also huge fun.’ ‘This is the moment when their minds are fully engaged with the scientific nature of the discipline and I genuinely feel their interactions with me change.’  ‘My students did not stop talking about it the whole train journey home. They were buzzing.’ […]

Loftus and others BIG conference 2019

You can reserve provisional tickets now! Details on the poster, download Loftus poster here. Please note that the price is £22.50 + VAT per ticket. Email requests to Dates: Monday 25 March, Tuesday 26 March, Wednesday 27 March  Please state:  preferred date plus your name, name and address of school and number of students and teachers. […]

AQA specification – too much?

I know many people feel the new AQA specification is overloaded – so I decided to conduct a rough comparison of the old and new specification by comparing the number of spreads in the old and new Complete Companion. Each spread roughly equals one essay topic. What I found is in the table below. The […]

Zimbardo conference March 2018

You can reserve provisional tickets now! Details are on the poster, download here. Please note that the price is £27 per ticket. Email requests to Dates: Monday 19 March, Tuesday 20 March, Wednesday 21 March or Thursday 22 March Please state:  preferred date plus your name, name and address of school and number of students […]

Psychology and Science conference

This is the BEST Psychology conference – highly educational and fun, students talk about it for months afterwards. Download the information sheets (all in one document here): S&P flyers (all pages) Event details for Bristol, Darlington, London, Manchester, Nottingham here and here and Edinburgh here and here Poster for your students Student poster Information sheet for SMT Information for senior management (So you can show them […]

AQA Issues and debates

I had an email from a teacher asking for advice about answering exam questions on issues/debates when the question says ‘include at least two topics you have studied in your answer’. I think the danger here is that students will get side-tracked by the ‘include at least two topics’. Basically you just write the essay. […]

Romanian orphans

AQA students will be familiar with Michael Rutter’s research on Romanian orphans and what it tells us about the effects of emotional deprivation. The research has been conducted by the English and Romanian Adoptee Study (ERA) which has continued to follow the children into adulthood. A recent article in the Lancet reports the latest findings […]

Electric shock and depression

Recent research shown that electric shocks may be helpful to people with depression. The electric shocks are not from ECT (electroconvulsive therapy) but using tDCS (transcranial direct current stimulation) in which electrodes are placed on the scalp which send a weak electrical current across the brain. Research has looked at the benefits for a range of […]