Forming episodic memories

A BBC article describes two recent studies about the formation of episodic memories and the role of the hippocampus. The first study published this week recorded the activity of single cells at the moment an association was formed between two unrelated pictures – one of a person and another of a place, such as Clint Eastwood and […]

A2 exam

Wishing that the exam goes well for A2 students. The most important thing to remember is do lots of AO2 – that’s where the marks are. But it is not just about lots of AO2 points. You won’t get much more than 6 marks AO2 (and a Grade C0 if you can’t elaborate the points. […]

The talent myth

Some of you may have heard me talk about the ‘Talent Myth’ – the belief that people who are brilliant academics or sportsmen or singers etc achieve their success because they are endowed with special abilities. There is much evidence that this isn’t true – the key factor in success is effort not talent. One […]