More AQA advice – good discussion

As it is coming up to exams I thought I would continue with some more exam advice. A number of people have mentioned to me that AQA are now saying that good evaluation should contain both strengths and limitations. I have written to AQA and have the following advice:

1. The command ‘evaluate’ does not require both strengths and limitations.

2. The same is true for the command ‘discuss’ BUT the best type of answer is one where a student presents, for example, a limitation and then in discussing this limitation presents a counterargument. This means a good critical point should present an argument AND then a counterargument. This is what is meant by ‘discussing’.

Practice writing such critical points and remember ‘less is more’ – you won’t have time to write many such critical points but you won’t get top marks with out them. So focus on doing fewer points and really offering a discussion.



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