A cure for jet lag … and schizophrenia?

It has always been a puzzle as to why the main body clock doesn’t reset itself more quickly when you travel. After all the SCN (suprachiasmatic nucleus – the master clock) does use light signals to help entrain biological rhythms. Researchers at Oxford University think they have found an answer (Jagannath et al., 2013). First […]

The Strange Situation

I came across  this diagram which I thought might be useful (you can see it more clearly in the when you press ‘continue reading’). It is from Ainsworth et al. (1978) page 34. Ainsworth designed the Strange Situation to be conducted in a very specific environment, as shown in this picture. It was a room […]

The DSM 5 debate

The recent publication of DSM 5 has led to a storm of protest. In the US Thomas Insel, the director of the largest funding body for mental health research, the NIMH, joined the critics of DSM in saying that the categories lacked validity, they are ‘nothing more than constructs put together by committees of experts’. Here […]