Science and Pseudoscience 2016

Give your students a chance to share in the excitement of science, watch the video and look at the programme. It is a special mix of education and fun – students go away re-enthused about psychology and with a new respect for science.

‘I think this was one of the best student events I have been on. It was entertaining but also informative and thought provoking and every speaker knew how to address an audience of young people.’

S&P flyer (2016) Birmingham Tuesday 8 November

S&P flyer (2016) Bristol Monday 5 December

S&P flyer (2016) Edinburgh Thursday 8 December

S&P flyer (2016) London Wednesday 7 December

S&P flyer (2016) Manchester Monday 7 November

S&P flyer (2016) Nottingham Wednesday 9 November

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