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Romanian orphans

AQA students will be familiar with Michael Rutter’s research on Romanian orphans and what it tells us about the effects of emotional deprivation. The research has been conducted by the English and Romanian Adoptee Study (ERA) which has continued to follow the children into adulthood. A recent article in the Lancet reports the latest findings […]

Infant imitation work is wrong

A recent study by Janine Oostenbroek et al. (2016) suggests the results by Meltzoff and Moore, and others, are wrong. This new study is considerably more comprehensive. 64 infants were tested 4 times between the age of one week and 9 weeks, and tested on 11 different displays. There was no evidence of consistent imitation. For […]

Confusion over Schaffer’s stages of attachment

The AQA AS specification requires students to know the stages of attachment as outlined by Rudolf Schaffer. There is some confusion about this because the various textbooks provide different versions. Background: The reason for the different versions is that Schaffer didn’t really provide a set of stages, in his book (1996) he outlined what Bowlby […]

The Strange Situation

I came across  this diagram which I thought might be useful (you can see it more clearly in the when you press ‘continue reading’). It is from Ainsworth et al. (1978) page 34. Ainsworth designed the Strange Situation to be conducted in a very specific environment, as shown in this picture. It was a room […]