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Daphne Went

The article scanned here describes the case of Daphne Went as well as other case studies related to gender – I have done this in response to an enquiry about the Daphne Went case. Those of you studying gender may be interested in a recent case of gender and sport – the issue of gender is […]

Biosocial theory of gender

Those of you studying the AQA A specification have to study biosocial explanations of gender. In order to answer an exam question on this topic it is creditworthy to simply describe and evaluate biological and psycho/social/cultural factors in the development of gender – as long as the interaction between these factors is emphasised. The question […]

Germany announces third ‘gender’

Think for a minute about the forms you fill in. You are asked to give your name and then, the second most common question is about your gender – are you male or female? This seemingly innocuous question overlooks the fact that some people do not have a clear sense of being male or female. […]