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Female menstrual cycles synchronised

If you are studying biorhythms as part of your Psychology course, you are likely to come across an intriguing piece of research by Kathleen Stern and Martha McClintock that demonstrates how menstrual cycles (an infradian rhythm) may synchronise as a result of the influence of female pheromones. The original study in 1968 involved 29 women with […]

Timing drugs to your body clock

In case you missed this news article, here’s a link. The article was written to celebrate the BBC day of the body clock – covering the science of chronotherapy. This refers to the use of biological rhythms to  effectively administer drugs. For example, the article describes a cancer patient who was exhausted by the drugs given […]

Damage caused by shift work

A recent study has demonstrated the effects of shift work (shift lag) on the body. Many studies have shown an association between shift work and illnesses such as cardiovascular disorder, diabetes and generally poorer health. This latest study has actually been able to show that changes in the circadian rhythm switched off key genes linked […]


New evidence supports the view that the sleep disorder narcolepsy is an autoimmune disease. Individuals with narcolepsy suffer from difficulty staying awake during the daytime especially when stressed. It can be an extremely debilitating problem. One possible explanation that has been proposed for narcolepsy is that it is caused by low levels of hypocretin, a […]

A cure for jet lag … and schizophrenia?

It has always been a puzzle as to why the main body clock doesn’t reset itself more quickly when you travel. After all the SCN (suprachiasmatic nucleus – the master clock) does use light signals to help entrain biological rhythms. Researchers at Oxford University think they have found an answer (Jagannath et al., 2013). First […]