The three faces of Eve

_45596583_chrissizemoreChris Costmore Sizemore died 24 July. Her life story became famous through the book written by her psychiatrists and the subsequent film which told the story of her multiple personalities – Eve White and Eve Black. She later was treated by other psychiatrists and experienced even greater fragmentation of her personality with over 20 ‘alters’. It remains unclear to what extent such experiences were the result of ‘suggestion’ from therapists (iatrogenic).

Chris came to the UK in 2009 and talked to A level Psychology students at one of my conferences – the audience was spellbound by her, a gracious southern belle who described her life and artwork. Students asked gently probing questions about her past but we were none the wiser at the end about her true experiences. A recent obituary in the New York Times describes her life story. After the film The three faces of Eve her story no longer hers, it was owned by 20th Century Fox.

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