Timing drugs to your body clock

In case you missed this news article, here’s a link. The article was written to celebrate the BBC day of the body clock – covering the science of chronotherapy. This refers to the use of biological rhythms to  effectively administer drugs.

For example, the article describes a cancer patient who was exhausted by the drugs given to reduce his cancer but once the drugs were adjusted to his biological rhythms the treatment was more effective.

Professor Francis Levi, one of the pioneers of chronotherapy, said ‘We have clocks within our cells that govern the metabolism of drugs. So some drugs are best given at night and others during the day’. Thus the drug treatments were spaced during the day, with two happening overnight while the patient slept.

The outcome was a much gentler therapy. ‘We have found chronotherapy is reducing the toxicity of treatments and improving the quality of life of patients, by respecting the circadian rhythms of the patients’.

This is an example of a positive evaluation for  circadian rhythms as it is a real-life evaluation .

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